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New Northern California Professional Conference Management Association 2011 Board

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I have been brought on to the board of the Northern California PCMA as Director of Fundraising/ Bamies Chair. Congratulations (!) to the rest of the new board:

President: Brian Bouchelle

President Elect: Michelle Holmberg

Secretary: Benton Partin

Treasurer: Christine Zucconi

Directors of Programs:  Dana DePonzi-Haas & Devon Shaw

Directors of Membership: James Threlkeld & Gary Murakami

Director of Marketing: Stephanie Law

Director of Public Relations:  Patti Spaniak

Directors of Hospitality: Jennifer Brock & Pat Swan

Directors of Sponsorship: Pat Zollman & Jens Weiden

Directors of Awards and Recognition: Alexandra Carvalho & Alan Dravland

Directors of Community Service: Jodi Morrison & Dawn Bohlmann

Director of Fundraising: Constance Adamopoulos

Immediate Past President/ CLC  Garry Hallinan


Back row: Gary Hallinan, Stephanie Law, Brian Bouchelle, Alexandra Carvalho, Gary Murakami, James Threlkeld, Pat Swan, Jens Weiden and our Bin to Bottle host, Stephen McMichael. Front row: Patti Spaniak, Constance Adamopoulos, Michelle Holmberg, Devon Shaw and Dana DePonzi-Haas



From Ours to Yours

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Organized Chaos Events, we would like to wish you the happiest holiday season. Below are some friendly tips to ensure a magical holiday gathering.

  • Hire someone. Believe it or not, you could leave the preparation to a professional. Hire a caterer, or hold your party at a restaurant or banquet facility.
  • Think when you drink. Make sure to plan ahead of time if you or your guests will need designated drivers.Be Safe this holiday season and do all that you can to prevent any liability on your behalf
  • Create the mood. Decorate the room in seasonal deep reds and forest greens. Use candles and a fireplace to set the mood of serenity. Pick background music that is soothing and sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.
  • Get a massage. You deserve it! Treat yourself to a relaxing 1/2 or full body massage the day before your guests arrive. Relieve those toxins that cause high-strung emotions so you’ll be in the party mood in no time.
  • Plan a party theme instead of a normal affair, organize the decor, invitations, entertainment, and food around one main idea. How about a Victorian Christmas, or Charlie Brown Christmas? A space-age Christmas with drinks served in lab beakers
  • Dress the part. As part of your party theme, encourage guests to come dressed up. Host a 1920’s theme and welcome flappers and gangsters. Perhaps add some humor to your holidays by having an ugly christmas sweater party
  • Require guests bring something. Host a buffet or potluck meal; or encourage everyone to contribute a few treats or beverages. Those who can’t (or don’t want to) cook can lend a centerpiece or other decorative item.

Happy Holidays with Constance Adamopoulos