Organized Chaos Events gets a Face Lift!

February 9th, 2011

Organized Chaos is proud to announce its brand new Website: Our marketing director and social media manager Joseph Adams has been working tirelessly to get our online presence updated.

New Features:

Subscribe and follow our social media outlets to:

  1. Keep up to date on the latest with the OCE Team
  2. Receive invitations to exclusive events
  3. Learn about new trends
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New Northern California Professional Conference Management Association 2011 Board

December 14th, 2010

I have been brought on to the board of the Northern California PCMA as Director of Fundraising/ Bamies Chair. Congratulations (!) to the rest of the new board:

President: Brian Bouchelle

President Elect: Michelle Holmberg

Secretary: Benton Partin

Treasurer: Christine Zucconi

Directors of Programs:  Dana DePonzi-Haas & Devon Shaw

Directors of Membership: James Threlkeld & Gary Murakami

Director of Marketing: Stephanie Law

Director of Public Relations:  Patti Spaniak

Directors of Hospitality: Jennifer Brock & Pat Swan

Directors of Sponsorship: Pat Zollman & Jens Weiden

Directors of Awards and Recognition: Alexandra Carvalho & Alan Dravland

Directors of Community Service: Jodi Morrison & Dawn Bohlmann

Director of Fundraising: Constance Adamopoulos

Immediate Past President/ CLC  Garry Hallinan


Back row: Gary Hallinan, Stephanie Law, Brian Bouchelle, Alexandra Carvalho, Gary Murakami, James Threlkeld, Pat Swan, Jens Weiden and our Bin to Bottle host, Stephen McMichael. Front row: Patti Spaniak, Constance Adamopoulos, Michelle Holmberg, Devon Shaw and Dana DePonzi-Haas



From Ours to Yours

December 8th, 2010

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Organized Chaos Events, we would like to wish you the happiest holiday season. Below are some friendly tips to ensure a magical holiday gathering.

  • Hire someone. Believe it or not, you could leave the preparation to a professional. Hire a caterer, or hold your party at a restaurant or banquet facility.
  • Think when you drink. Make sure to plan ahead of time if you or your guests will need designated drivers.Be Safe this holiday season and do all that you can to prevent any liability on your behalf
  • Create the mood. Decorate the room in seasonal deep reds and forest greens. Use candles and a fireplace to set the mood of serenity. Pick background music that is soothing and sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.
  • Get a massage. You deserve it! Treat yourself to a relaxing 1/2 or full body massage the day before your guests arrive. Relieve those toxins that cause high-strung emotions so you’ll be in the party mood in no time.
  • Plan a party theme instead of a normal affair, organize the decor, invitations, entertainment, and food around one main idea. How about a Victorian Christmas, or Charlie Brown Christmas? A space-age Christmas with drinks served in lab beakers
  • Dress the part. As part of your party theme, encourage guests to come dressed up. Host a 1920’s theme and welcome flappers and gangsters. Perhaps add some humor to your holidays by having an ugly christmas sweater party
  • Require guests bring something. Host a buffet or potluck meal; or encourage everyone to contribute a few treats or beverages. Those who can’t (or don’t want to) cook can lend a centerpiece or other decorative item.

Happy Holidays with Constance Adamopoulos


‘Tis the Season

November 16th, 2010

As of this writing we have launched our holiday  campaign to put your holiday event ‘On Ice’. What does this mean some have asked, No we aren’t suggesting an Ice theme, nor are we pushing for an increase in ice sculptors (although both are nice). What we are talking about is how to hold that annual holiday event and do so within your budget.

As we look to the current economic scene, we are still in a recession. Yes, business is slowly getting better, but as event planners we see budgets for events still tightly sealed with many restrictions. It is important to note that 80% of companies will be holding a holiday event, about 47% of those companies have drastically cut back their budget.

How do you reach such a guarded niche? Suggest ways to save money! One such way was to put your event ‘On Ice’. Save major money by booking your event in January. Venues are cheaper, vendors are more prone to discounts and you have no worries about interfering with the load of other parties your guests may have on their agenda. Let your event stand out, after the hangover has passed. January is a great time to reach out to your employees, your clients, your networks and bring them together in a time of celebration. What better way to inspire confidence in your company than to kick the year off right, and to do so within your budget.


You never hire an event planner to spend more money, you hire us to save you money. This is just one of our many ways to help you save and still deliver at this time of year. Stay tuned for our Instant Planner launch!

Mansions, Dentists and Wine

September 25th, 2010

Wow have we been busy lately!  From specialty tours, to vendor showcases, wine tastings and dental association gala’s the staff and I have been working hard to take care of clients, organize some spectacular events and stay on the bleeding edge of the social scene.

Here are some pictures of two of our most recent events, Enjoy and don’t forget to keep us in mind for your next event. (Start planing your holiday parties now, save some extra money on planning and booking costs in advance splurge a little on the bar 😉 )

California Dental Association SFMOMA Gala:

Pictures courtesy of Cody Rasmusen at

Cynthia at Organized Chaos Events worked hard with the CDA to produce their reception gala at their conference in San Francisco. Working with the clients request of a fresh sea food display, the colors of the new lobby art pieces and a local jazz group, she was able to make a swanky swinging sushi lounge to delight members of the CDA on their final night in the city. Guests aslo had private access to the upstairs gallery for a truly unique after-hours experience.

SF Winery Launch Party

Photo’s courtesy of Zoe Lonergan at

What could be better than a hosting a new wineries opening? Hosting a new winery opening on Treasure Island! Having a a new fully operational winery and event space in the city is always an improvement. The party was decked out with food and decor  from a few of our favorite vendors, the people where all industry insiders and friends of OCE, the party couldn’t have gone better (well maybe If I had had one more glass of their shiraz….)

See below for a slideshow of additional images from each of the events, and be on the look out for some of our future hip happenings.


Organized Chaos Events Hosts Pride 2010 VIP Party!

June 30th, 2010

Where were all the “A” Gays this weekend? At the Pride VIP Party of Course. All the fab, glam and biggest names in the City were there.

Organized Chaos Events was this year’s sponsor for this year’s PRIDE VIP Party at City Hall hosting over 2000 people including Celebrities, Politicians and the cast of Showtime’s “The Real L Word.”

We designed the lounge, coordinated restaurants for food donations and threw a rockin’ dance party with live DJs in the historical rotunda.

We’re now the talk of the town!

Full Circle Fund

June 2nd, 2009

The CEO of FACEBOOK spoke at this annual event for Full Circle Fund. Organized Chaos Events was the sponsor. Over 900 people attended this event that pairs volunteers with political causes. They actually move people into action to get things done.

Organized Chaos Events has coordinated the logistics for this event pro bono, as they have for the past 5 years. Keynote speakers in the past have included Al Gore, and the CEO of Google


Beafeater 24 Launch Party

May 18th, 2009


Photos Crushpad Showcase

May 2nd, 2009


Thank You from Organized Chaos Events

December 24th, 2008

Thank You from Organized Chaos Events