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EventBudgetOne of the most difficult details of any event is figuring out the cost. Hidden under our desire to throw a truly amazing party or wedding is a finite budget to accomplish it with. Usually, those looking to throw a party start their search online, to get a sense of what their event may cost.

The problem with turning online is that almost every event vendor keeps their pricing private, unless you contact them for a quote. This is completely understandable as it is difficult to generalize the price of certain requests when so many details have to be taken into consideration. With this  in mind, we at Organized Chaos have created a tool to help you get a ballpark estimation for your event – The Instant Planner.

We met with Bay Area caterers and other event vendors to develop three menus and their associated costs. With their insights we created The Instant Planner, or as we call it around the office: the ‘Chaos Calculator’. To avoid missing the overlooked details, we worked everything we could into the standard prices – including things like wait staff, furniture and linens. To provide information  on other event costs, such as lighting and entertainment, we added options to see the average costs of those too. While the Chaos Calculator cannot meet every detail, such as the rental cost of the venue, it does provide an invaluable tool to anyone planning an event in San Francisco.

Give the complimentary tool a try and feel free to comment or call us with any questions you may have. Here’s to your next event being a smashing success and well within budget!

– Constance

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