Plan Your Event One Sensory Detail at a Time

Plan Your Event One Sensory Detail at a Time
Posted on March 11th, 2023

In the world of event planning we are only limited by our imaginations. We can transform any space into whatever we dream up. Warehouse venues can become Parisian Ballrooms and mansions can become outdoor indian markets. Through decor, lighting and food anything is possible. But what about that little something extra. That small detail that can really transform an event into an experience, the sense of smell.

The use of smell to enhance an experience has been an old trick for some space planners. Some notable scent experiences can be found at the Hotel Bellagio Gardens, where floral smells are pumped in to enhance the room. The newly built Aria also implements scent technology throughout the space to enhance the experience and aromatherapy to ‘control’ the mood. Its very hard to be mad when your surrounded by a wonderful smell.

Do you want your candy store themed party to smell like candy? Maybe your favorite smell is lavender and you would love guests at your wedding to walk through the smell as they enter your reception. These ideas and many more can be easily done with scent technology provided by Scentevents. Another unique way to add an element of scent to your event could be to bring in an aromatherapy oxygen bar. We just used one in our Microsoft Lounge at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, it was a huge success.

How do you feel about including scent in your event? What are some ways that you could see incorporating the sense of smell into your next party?

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