Top 10: Cocktails to Order at Your Next Event

Top 10: Cocktails to Order at Your Next Event
Posted on March 8th, 2023

There is a certain point in your life where a vodka cranberry becomes boring. Where is the life, the class in that order. When you no longer drink like you did in your college days and instead want a libation that you can sip, experience and give life to. A signature cocktail is that class. James Bond was a martini man, shaken not stirred. Carrie Bradshaw was a cosmopolitan kind of girl. And you are? If you haven’t found your signature cocktail, try one of these 10 classic cocktails.

1) Cosmopolitan– made with a full shot of vodka and then half shots of triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice; one or two of these will have your feeling glamorous

2) Martini– two parts gin (or vodka if you prefer) to one part dry vermouth. One it dryer, use less vermouth. And to your question of shaken vs. stirred. Shaken touches the ice less but becomes wore diluted.

3) Manhattan– Classic cocktail and personal favorite of a good friend the Manhattan is a stirred and strained blend of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters. The cherry it’s served with adds a punch of color and sweetness.

4) Japanese Slipper– A little rarer than some of the others but the Japanese Slipper is equal parts Midori melon liqueur, Cointreau and lemon juice. Provides a refreshing sophisticated experience.

5) B-52– Named after a long-range bomber for its bang, the B-52 is equal parts Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Grand Mariner over ice. A layered shot version exists as well if you want to take it one step further.

6) Brandy Alexander– John Lennon referred to this one as an adult milkshake, being equal parts brandy and brown crème de cacao and then doubled with cream.

7) Grasshopper– A delicious minty desert drink the Grasshopper is three fifths green crème de menthe and on fifth each of white crème de cacao and cream.

8) Harvey Wallbanger– Order long and ditch the straw. The Harvey Wallbanger is one shot of vodka over ice in a tall glass; topped with OJ and a floating half-shot of Galliano.

9) Tom Collins– The Tom Collins reminds the drinker of simpler summer times, when the living is easy. Equal parts gin and lemon juice, a spoonful of sugar and soda.

10) Margarita– While these change from venue to venue, you won’t notice after a few. One shot of tequila shaken with a half shot of Cointreau and lemon juice. Served over ice in a salt rimmed glass.

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